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Hello! I'm Stacy.

I am an artist, animator, and educator hailing from Buffalo, New York.  I graduated with a BA in Biology from the University at Buffalo in 2017, with a Minor in Studio Art. I then pursued an MSc in Medical Art at the University of Dundee, from which I graduated in 2019. 

I found Medical Art because I loved the art I was doing as a hobby while in college, and chose to combine my love of biology with my passion for art. I didn't start taking art seriously until I was 18! It's never too late!

Since graduating with my Medical Art degree, I fell backwards into teaching, which I've loved so much! I meet one on one with all ages and experience levels, and help bring others' ideas to life! Outside of teaching, I do freelance work of all kinds: character design, logo design, illustration, and animation.

I am happy to work in a variety of media such as digital painting, watercolor, graphite, 2D animation, and graphic design. See my portfolio to decide if I would be a good fit for you!


Also check out my Instagram page @dicensostacy for work-in-progress photos and other updates, and don't hesitate to get in touch!

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